Asian Youth Games 2013

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong

About the Game - Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games


The emblem of the Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games consists of three parts. The lower part features the English name of the Games (YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES) and its visual symbols (Five Rings and “YOG DNA” label). The middle part identifies the year 2014 and serves as a transition. The upper part highlights the characteristics of Nanjing, with the English letters “NANJING” in a lively font in perspective. The most intriguing part lies in the use of the letter “N”. The first and the last “N” are in the shape of an arched city gate surrounded by a silhouette of residential buildings of southern China. The city gate suggests a door of welcome; the residential buildings symbolise the Olympic home of youth. The emblem expresses the wish of Nanjing to open itself to young people from around the world, to communicate with them and to become a city of joy for the youth. The emblem embodies its design concept—“international style, Olympic spirit, youthful atmosphere and Nanjing culture”.


The creation of the official mascot of the Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games “NANJINGLELE” was derived from the Rain Flower Stone peculiar to Nanjing. Through artistic and abstract development of the natural shape of the stones, the mascot reflects the aesthetic taste of young people, and its colours correlate with the emblem. The Mascot exhibits the unique charm of Nanjing as a modern, international, green city “close to nature and green development”. It represents Nanjing as a modern, international, green and cultural city, “close to nature and green development” and “advocating a natural and healthy lifestyle among young people globally”.